Inspiring My Enthusiasm and Setting Me on My Current Path
John Ryan (2001)

In Washington, D.C., there are always new issues to master, and new situations to respond to. I try to live my life by holding firm to my principles in the face of new challenges while remaining humble enough to reexamine my views and admit when I am wrong if new information comes along that casts doubt on my beliefs. I believe that is the creative push & pull that opens a person to beneficial growth.

My time at The Woods Academy and my Catholic high school instilled in me the desire to be a man for others. That is partly why I have chosen to embark upon a life of public service – to serve my country, and the people within, to the best of my ability. My faith is also a daily reminder that it is not sufficient to merely do good works through my chosen profession, but that I should also strive to treat those around me with honesty, compassion and kindness.

I currently serve as the Democratic Deputy Chief Counsel for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where I handle, among other issues: treaties, State Department and ambassadorial nominations, legislation, and any ethics issues that come before the Committee. I credit Mr. Maloney and Mrs. Piwko’s classes with inspiring my enthusiasm for American history, government, and literature, and for setting me on my current path.