So Much to Celebrate
Nikki Diess (1980, Parent 2013, 2016)

I have very fond memories of Our Lady of the Woods Academy. Of course, lunch, with the same long table, and recess with the awesome playground was always a hit. I remember the projects we made in art class being awesome. I also remember the basketball games were very fun and competitive. I thought the Halloween parade was a real treat. The field trips were something to which to look forward. One funny thing I remember about our third-grade teacher was that if you were caught chewing gum you had to put it on your nose and wear it there for the rest of class!

I believe my time at Woods helped me build self-confidence, prepared me for high school academics and athletics, and helped me to be able to communicate with friends and adults.

The Woods has always had a warm and homey community feeling and that is very important to our family. The staff and the teachers truly care about the children and look to bring out the best in each of them.

I hold so many fantastic memories from the years my children were in the Montessori program. I also hold many fond memories of my children's art projects, field trips, class parties, and plays. The athletics are also close to my heart. Last by not least, I treasure ALL of the teachers’ abilities to work with my kids, give them extra attention and support if needed, and help make them creative, confident, and devoted individuals.

I truly enjoy everything I become involved in at The Woods. I thoroughly loved chairing the Annual Night Owl Auction in 2013. There is so much to celebrate about The Woods and we did just that at that event.