Striking a Flame Inside of Me
Jerome Williams (1987)

I am open to growth for many reasons but the number one reason for me is that every day is a learning opportunity. Ever since my graduation from The Woods Academy, I have never stopped learning. You can always reach the goal of graduation once you have passed the test, but I truly believe we never complete graduation in life until we die.

I'm willing to live my faith because from a young age my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ became my friend. Through my faith in him, I chose to live a life to be more like humans to show others that Jesus was living inside of me. It's been more than 35 years since I turned my life over to Jesus and I continue to rely on him in my everyday walk of life.

I'm a leader in my community by sharing my life experiences with young people. I try to give the knowledge to the youth on how to be the best that they can be. I also am active in my local Church.

I'm striving for a just and joyous life by counting my blessings every day. I remain aware of the needs of people abroad and the challenges that other countries face to remind me of the many blessings that I currently have.

I would like to thank The Woods Academy and Mrs. Piwko for striking a flame inside of me that still shines bright today. All of my best memories of school came from my time at The Woods. When I think back at my 8th-grade year, I'm so thankful that my Grandmother took the time to find the school and saved enough money to send me there. I can't put into words what it did for me on the inside, but as I was able to become a very special basketball player, The Woods Academy helped me to keep it all in perspective and never to forget the things that I had learned about the importance of education, giving back and my faith.