Age 3 to Grade 8

Why choose The Woods Academy age 3 to Grade 8 model?

When you meet a Woods Academy student, it’s immediately apparent they’ve had a special education. Regardless of age, our children stand out for their academic strengths, strong faith, and social and emotional maturity.

Their preschool to Grade 8 education is a large reason for that distinction. Children who attend just one school prior to entering high school benefit from having a single, comfortable, nurturing environment. Eliminating the transitions gives our middle schoolers more leadership opportunities and chances to improve their self-esteem, take more risks, and grow. They improve academically and behaviorally, as they take on additional responsibilities and become role models for our younger students.

Our unique environment also gives our parents a stronger sense of community, as they create lasting bonds with other parents, faculty, and staff.

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Our Montessori preschool through Grade 8 model allows children to make the most out of the middle school years and be well-prepared for high school and beyond. Students are under the attentive care of motivated, inspiring teachers who’ve known them for years. Our spiraling, integrated curriculum builds from grade to grade and provides better continuity of learning for our students.

The Woods Academy could be the right fit for your child. How can you be sure? Come for a visit. Talk to our students and our teachers, and see why we believe so strongly in the need to keep our children in the same environment from age 3 until they transition to high school. Here, you’ll meet a community of children and adults who love coming to school each day.

If I could design psychologically safe schools, every elementary school in the United States would go from kindergarten through grade eight and would be no larger than four hundred children. -- Michael Thompson, Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children (p. 230)