Faith Life

Faith Life at The Woods Academy

As a Catholic school, the faith development and character education of our children is devoted to enriching students’ lives and preparing them to lead lives of significance. Lessons on faith and values anchor everyday life.

Our students begin formal religious studies in Grade 1. They explore a range of topics, from the foundations of Catholic theology to the traditions and faiths of other religions. And they learn the value of inclusiveness, as they celebrate the heritage of other faiths.

Students explore these tenets in all their classes, not just in their religious studies. They find the principles meaningful, applicable, and relevant to their daily lives, and we encourage them to discuss their views openly with peers and faculty.

Countless Service Learning Opportunities

The foundation of our religion program, and our entire school, is the belief that humanity’s highest good is serving others. Our students participate in a range of community service projects, putting their values into practice while understanding the causes of some of the social injustices they may have the chance to change. Whether they are gathering shoes for cold feet or fasting while feeding the hungry, our students do much more than learn about a subject. They give of themselves and care deeply about others.

We’re particularly proud of our connection with the Hotcourses Primary School in Nyumbani Village in Kitui, Kenya. All Woods students, including in our Montessori preschool, connect with our Kenyan sister school students on many levels. In addition to learning what it’s like to attend a school where things our students take for granted are a luxury, they do their part to improve the Hotcourses students’ learning environment.

As a result, Woods students graduate with a passion for service and faith.

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Attending The Woods Academy can help your child discover talents, grow in faith, challenge him/herself, and foster a strong desire to lead a life of significance. We'd love to share more about our innovative, challenging curriculum with you.

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