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Our Catholic Mission and Identity

We take joyful pride in our Catholic mission and identity. We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, His Church, and actively seek out God's abundant love in the people and graces of our daily lives. We recognize the strength we draw from students of all faith traditions. These students and their families enrich our community as we collectively transform our beliefs into action in service of the least of God's people. We find common ground in our students' call to pray and act on behalf of "our UNS" - the unborn, the unloved, the uncared for, the unemployed, the unknown, the unspoken for, the undocumented, the unhoused, and the unfed.

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Prayer Partners
Mr. Maloney, US Religion Teacher

At The Woods Academy, prayer partners are a special part of everything we do.

Prayer partners are one of the ways that we fulfill our mission of being an inclusive Catholic community.

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Who Do You Believe?
Mr. Maloney, US Religion Teacher

Brian Lamb, founder and chairman emeritus of the C-SPAN political networks, kicked off The Woods Academy’s study of media literacy with the school’s 142 fifth through eighth graders on September 18.

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