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Students reading the Mass program.


The Woods Academy is an independent Catholic school.


We follow the Archdiocese of Washington’s religion curriculum, but are not a parochial school (a Catholic private school supported by a particular church or parish). We pride ourselves on our innovative and forward-thinking curriculum, while also helping to educate children to lead a life of significance.   

As a Catholic community, we strive to live out the ideals set forth through the example of Jesus Christ to love all of God’s children.  We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, His Church, and actively seek out God's abundant love in the people and graces of our daily lives. We recognize the strength we draw from students of all faith traditions. These students and their families enrich our community as we collectively transform our beliefs into action in service of the least of God's people. 

Father John at the altar.
Young girl reading.
Choir singing.
Young boy reading.

We find common ground in our students' call to pray and act on behalf of our “UNS” - the unborn, the unloved, the uncared for, the unemployed, the unknown, the unspoken for, the undocumented, the unhoused, and the unfed.

Spiritual Enrichment at The Woods

Celebrating Different Faiths

As a Catholic school, the faith development and character education of our children is devoted to enriching students’ lives and preparing them to lead lives of significance. Lessons on faith and values anchor everyday life.

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Leading a Life of Significance

A life of significance is when your moments impact the lives of dozens, and you inspire them to create moments of meaning in the lives of others. It may seem difficult to track the impact of such a life as it ripples out into the world and inspires moments for hundreds and thousands of other people.

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