Annual Report

Annual Giving Report


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Every child at The Woods makes a difference. So does every gift.

Thank you for your generosity!

Alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends giving enables The Woods Academy to continue our work as an inclusive Catholic community, preparing boys and girls to lead lives of significance. Your support has a profound impact on our students, educationally and spiritually.

Giving to The Woods also lets us expand our financial aid offerings while growing our enrollment and ensuring financial stability in years to come.

Annual Giving Report 2016-2017

The following donors made gifts to The Woods Academy between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

Visionaries ($15,000+)

A.B. and Jill Cruz


Willie and Joyce Woods

Head Philanthropists ($10,000 to $14,999)

Chris and Leslie Flynn

Jack and Carolyn O’Rourke

The Dr. Francis P. Chiaramonte Private Foundation

Benefactors ($4,000 to $9,999)

Daniel and Kelli Campbell

Marc Ferrell and Vinka Pasos-Ferrell

Cory and Melanie Funkhouser

Neil and Lisa Grammer

Peter and Brooks Kenny

Carl and Pinkie Mayfield

Gregg and Karen Pane

Russ and Leila Phillips

Alex Powers and Peri De Orio

John Ridenour and Robin Clark

Mark and Jeanne Shriver

John and Anna Stewart

Edwin and Roxanna Villegas

Michael and Sheryl Wilson

1975 Leaders ($1,975 to $3,999)

Inigo Ascanio Capelli and Nuria Alino Perez

Tim and Melissa Bender

Mark and Shannon Bieter

Tom and Gerry Borger

Pedro Campanario and Maia Cecilia Velez

Christopher and Lisa Capuano

David and Jeanine Cavanaugh

Don “Coach” Clubbs

Doug and Missy Cooper

Joe and Carol Crespo

James Cummings and Julia Jordan

John Curry and Liliana Cuervo

Moe Danaie and Shabnam Foroughi

John Darvish and Monica de Las Casas Darvish

Philip and Maureen Dolan

Daniel and Carrie Dresser

Kevin Fandl and Monica Lugo

Steven Fay and Amy Halverstadt Fay

John and Marybeth Gaul

Richard and Beth Grisius

Geoffrey and Elizabeth Hobart

John and Megan Lankenau

Tom and Jackueline Manger

John and Karie McMickle

Jeffrey and Cecilia Mikita

David and AnnMarie O’Connor

Lawrence and Kathy Pateros

Joe and Brit Powers

George and Mary Jane Reese

Amir Sarkarzadeh and Kate Nematollahi

George and Peggy Sotos

Gregory and Patricia Steis

Mekonnen Tedla and Ruth Betru

Charles Toner and Cecile Poupard-Toner

Darien and Laura Wright

Fred and Laurie Yang

Patrons ($1,000 to $1,974)

Reza Amirkhalili and Martine Bernard

Jose Andres and Patricia Fernandez de la Cruz

Mark Baier and Ana Mayans de la Lastra

Gail Bancroft

Warren and Orlena Blanchard

Jean and Karen Borno

Andy Bristol and Caroline Quijada

Carolyn Brown

Dejan Bujak and Jodi Longo-Bujak

Robin Cohen and Donna Damico

Scott and Sandy DeCain

Bob and Hillary DeVol

Pat Dresser

Brad and Caroline Hemming

Gregory and Christine Hillyer

Jorge Kamine and Ana Taschen

James and Catherine Karrels

Timothy and Susan Lydon

Rear Admiral Tom Lynch

Tom and Andrea Lynch

Mary Jane Maddox

Jeff and Inez McCormick

Rich and Betsy McIntyre

Paul and Jill McNamara

Keith Ott and Florence Novellino

Will Pappert

John and Roxanna Pierce

Ronald and Kathleen Piwko

Derrick and Eileen Raymond

Henry and Holli Rivera

Peter Schuck and Teresa Malone

Edward and Marie Shannon

Keith and Jodie Shoemaker

Eric and Katie Smith

Nuo Sun and Rong An

Clesson Turner and Suzanne O’Neill

Alejandro Villegas and Inez Vega

Friends (up to $999)

Jamie Alisbah

Leandro Alves and Valeria da Silva

Jason and Meena Andrew

Andrew and Victoria Atherton

Michael Atingi-Ego and Vernetta Barungi

Erin Atkiss

Rina Bados

John Basso and Meredith Kleykamp

Colin and Jennifer Beebe

Jason Bennett and Ginine Beyer

Michele Bernard

Lindy and Rachelle Bowman

Luis Brandao abd Rosario de Gregorio

Ray and Lisa Briscoe

Bob and Betty Brown

Robert and Mary Bryant

Matthew and Donna Byrne

Lori Camalier

Marilyn Campbell

Lyndsey Canter

Ron Carbis

Michele Carpenter

Justin and Rosa Cassidy

Pat and Annah Cave

Nyen Chong and Yie Chia Lee

Sidartha Choudhury and Tripta Singh

Jennifer Clark

Kevin and Nancy Clark

Myles Clark and Erin Green

Thomas and Rosalind Clark

Jeff and Terri Clausen

JP Clubbs

Judith and Jerry Conrad

Andrew and Valerie Corcoran

Jane Anne Corcoran

Michael and Janet Crilley

Alex and Meghan Cross

Kathy Cuozzo

Sean and Eunice D’Augostine

Maxmilliano De Ciancio and Cristina Garcia Ripa

Rework Devoyans and Lusine Lusinyan

Carlos Diaz

Lou and Nikki Diess

John Donnelly

Debbie Dosh

Serban Dragoi and Mariana Vlasceanu

Boro and Lesia Dropulic

Eighth Grade Class

Milton English and Julia Stewart

John and Crystal Esler

Ed and Margo Farley

Monica Fernandez

Jason Fields and Monique Yuan

Doug and Suzanne Firstenberg

Samantha Firstenberg

Kathryn Fogarty

Sean and Cathleen Fromm

Kate Fullenkamp

Brian and Sam Gallagher

Miklos Gaszner and Michele Shannon

Joe and Joanne Gerber

David and Michelle Giannini

Laura Gittleson

Steven and Ingegerd Gobien

Francisco Gonzalez and Amy Berrington

Brian and Nicole Gormley

Rick and Maureen Grant

Bob Gregg

Mark Grosh and Catherine Valente-Grosh

Robert and Mary Grosh

Linda Handy

Bobby Hangliter and Anna Shariat

Robert and Billie Hangliter

Jason Harman and Kathryn Beers

Scott and Jill Harper

Molly Hart

Lois Haywood

Kalila Henry

Will Heuett and Erin Dawson

Patricia Horn

Paul and Carol Howard

Paul Hugo and Molly McNamara Hugo

David and Sally Iannarone

Raja and Anu Iyer

Kimberley Jibladze

Charles and Jane Johnson

Mark Johnson and Joanne Manrique

Roy Joseph

Tessy Joseph

Barbara Kaiser

Bob and Katie Kalas

Steve Kurtenbach and Amy Hugo

Christina Kornegay

Randy and Abby Lackey

William and Molly LeBlanc

Matt Lerner and Cherry Joy Beysselance

Tim Luwis

Rocky and Nancy Mackintosh

Mark Macpeak

Gunnar and Inga Magnusson

Adeeb Mahmood

David and Hasmig Mahshigian

Pasquino and Bonifacia Malachin

Chris and Lynn Maloney

Christian Mambrin and Fernanda Arnaldez

Jeff and Tracie Mancabelli

Francisco Javier Marina Rufas and Virginia Alonso Albarran

Celso and Vilma Mattaac

Francis and Lara Mattac

Christopher McCormick

James McLean

Josiane Mendonca

Charles Mercer

Robert Metzler

Stanislaw Mikulski

Helen Miller

Manuel and Luzmaria Monasi

Andrew and Huda Montemarano

Maura Moran

Edson and Marilisa Mori

Matthew and Megan Mullally

David and Tonja Murray

Kirk and Margit Nahra

Greg and Anne Nickerson

Meredith Nolan

Nuala O’Connor

Lorraine O’Keefe

Jerry and Molly O’Leary

Najah Ouazzad

Huseyin Ozan and Lina Carmona-Ozan

Tim and Sharon Pabon

Paul Paoletti

Danielle Papazian

Stephen Parker

Tom Parker

Vivek Patil and Sonya Chawla

Pablo Peláez and Maria Pizarro

Joseph and Yvonne Pelaia

Kellee Perkins

Christina Phelps

Rick and Julie Phillips

Katya Pilong

Pete and Alison Plotas

Jiri and Anca Maria Podpiera

Jane Pontius

Aruna Prasad

Christopher and Mary Beth Priest

Joseph and Ashley Profaizer

Bartholomew and Natalie Radolinski

Vladimir and Adela Radovic

Kevin and Laura Raimond

Rajen and Seema Ranchhoojee

Sheila Raso-Novikov

Edward and Judy Rezac

Kevin and Erin Ricca

Paul and Krista Ritacco

John and Eiko Roberti

Jimmy Rodriguez

Michele Roome

Rick and Ginna Rubel

Michael Rubin

Ian Rummer

Kerrie Rezac Rushton

LeReine Samuels

Yianis and Lisa Sarafidis

Adela Sarmiento

Daniel Saucedo

Edgar Saucedo

Gerardo Saucedo

Maria Saucedo

Tony and Kat Scafide

Ondrej Schneider and Michaela Erbenova

Fereydoun Shariat and Flora Esfahami-Shariat

Chris Sharkey and Iwona Karska Sharkey

Lis Sheehan

Heggie Shegerian

Bill and Judith Sikes

Edwin Silverman

Mary Alice Silverman

Kadrya Sindi

Nevil Singh and Sumana Chakravarty

Wendy Skolnik

Matt Smith

RJ and Mary Smith

Will Smith

Chris and Katherine Stewart

George Stewart

Ron Stewart

Sarah Stewart

Brian and Jennifer Sullivan

Jun Sun and Donna Swistowski

Nancy Talbot

Kelly Tanzi

Frank and Charmaine Taverner

Brian and Laurna-Mae Thomas

Kendall Thompson

William and Joanna Todd

Suzie Tomlinson

Jerry and Jamie Truman

Gerardo Una and Carina Lupica

Paul Vacky and Viancy Ortiz-Castro

Peter and Nicole van Vloten

Erica Vassos

Gregory and Christine Virgin

Fred Walls and Judith Stockman


Mary Watson-Jackson

Scott and Lauren White

Molly Wilkinson

Ashley Woods

Wilbur and Sherry Wright

Lee Wurst

Benjamin Wu and Teresa Lee

Bill and Lloyd Zaiser

Claude and Zoomie Zein

Carl and Peggy Zwisler

Corporations and Matching Gifts

Bank of America

Bridgepoint Healthcare

Buckeye Cleaning

Catholic Business Network



Devol Funeral Home

Fair Oaks Motors

Flynn Architectural Finishes

Lindbergh Counsel

Macpeak Landscaping

NelNet Business Solutions (FACTS)

Think Food Group


Connelly School of the Holy Child

Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

Gonzaga College High School

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

St. John’s College High School

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If you find an error or omission, please contact Traci Grigg, Director of Development, at All gifts listed in this report are those received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.