The music program cultivates creativity, collaboration, and confidence in each student through hands-on, interactive classes that include singing, instrument-playing, movement, and expressive speech.

All students, Age 3 through Grade 8, attend music classes as part of their standard school curriculum.

Students explore interdisciplinary connections through repertoire that is integrated with their social studies, language arts, and religion curriculums.

Music classes are sequential, spiraling, skills-based lessons that are in-line with the National Association for Music Education’s core music standards.

Lessons lead students through the exploration of the basic elements of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timbre, and expressive qualities. Students work with these building blocks in the context of the creative process: imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition.

Emphasizing respect and cooperation, the music classroom is a safe place to take creative risks with voice, instruments, and movement.

The music program provides formative and summative experiences for the students through multiple performing opportunities throughout the year, including the Grandparents’ Day Program, the Christmas Concert, School Masses, and Upper School end-of rotation performances for Montessori and Lower School students.

Performance Opportunities

The music program offers numerous performance opportunities for students who study an instrument outside of their general music classes.

Performance opportunities include:

  • Lower School Lunchtime Concert Series
  • Mass Preludes
  • Annual Instrumental Music Showcase
  • Arts Celebration Art Gallery Music Concerts



Extracurricular Music Opportunities

Extracurricular choir and instrumental classes provide students with additional opportunities to develop and fine-tune skills. For Upper School students who have music classes only part of the year as part of their Arts rotations, these continuous, year-long extracurricular music classes offer continuity and contiguous musical experiences.

These experiences include: