The Hallmarks of a Woods Education

Our Hallmarks represent a set of defined priorities that guide and model our approach to the education of every child in every grade. 

For the Love of Language

Daily World Language

World Language Learning starts early at The Woods, with Kindergarten students learning French or Spanish from age five. World language classes are taken daily in every grade, developing a love for languages that lasts.

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The Value of Creativity

The Arts

The Arts are an integral part of The Woods experience. Music, visual arts, and performing arts classes help instill in students a love for creative expression and a lifelong love for the arts.

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Technology Matters


Not only do our classroom teachers integrate technology into their lessons, but an explicit technology curriculum is taught to our students beginning in Preschool.

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Leading Lives of Significance

Faith Life & Community Service

The faith development and character education of our children is devoted to enriching students’ lives and preparing them to lead lives of significance. 

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Building Character Through Sport


The Woods Academy Athletic Program reinforces the goals of the school‘s mission while helping students build character through competitive athletics. 

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A Montessori Beginning

Montessori Preschool

Our Montessori students lead, teach, interact, and learn through collaboration, cooperation, and observation - through us they develop the tools they need for life.

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