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a private, co-educational, inclusive Catholic school, preschool – grade 8, where curiosity and confidence thrive.

The Hallmarks

Of a Woods Education

Daily World Language

From preschool through Grade 8, our students learn French or Spanish, developing a love for languages that they carry to high school and beyond.

Faith life & Community Service

As a Catholic school, the faith development and character education of our children is devoted to enriching students’ lives and preparing them to lead lives of significance. Lessons on faith and values anchor everyday life.

The Arts

Our talented, creative arts faculty cultivates our students’ artistic gifts, engaging their minds, bodies, and spirits through art education that includes music, visual arts, and performing arts.

Montessori Preschool

The Woods Montessori program meets the needs and interests of three to six year olds. Learning is intrinsically motivating and joyful in the multi-age classroom and prepared environment.


Our students’ foundation in technology includes understanding how it works and how to use it to change lives. Our technology supports innovative learning at all ages – from interactive whiteboard projectors in all classrooms, to iPad learning stations in our Montessori Preschool, and one-to-one student devices in Grades 1 through 8.


Our athletics program is a critical part of our children’s education. It provides building blocks in their development while giving them an appreciation for health and fitness as well as habits that will last a lifetime.

From the Blog

Something for Everyone
Mr. Parker, PE Teacher

From the Ocean Game to Table Tennis, there is something for everyone in physical education classes this Spring.

Teaching Kids to Love Learning
Mrs. Papazian, Director of Extended Care

All children start out with an instinct to explore and discover. However, as children grow not all remain curious and inquisitive. Studies show that from third grade on, a child's enjoyment of learning drops continuously.

Parents and teachers are the keys to helping children maintain a healthy attitude throughout school. To captivate them, let your child do what comes naturally: play.

Future Architects
Mrs. Phelps & Ms. Camalier, 2nd Grade Teachers

Second Grade took a field trip to The Building Museum and learned a few things about building designs.

During our visit we constructed model buildings using recyclable items from home.

Toledo: A Living Museum
Megan M., Vivian B., Chike N., Luciana W., 8th Grade Students

Our recent 8th grade class trip to Spain was exciting! It was a completely new experience for many of us and we enjoyed so many moments.

Problem Solving with Robotics
Mrs. Chrobocinski, 5th Grade Math & Science Teacher

The fifth graders just finished a science unit on robotics. They worked in pairs to build a robot and program it to perform specific tasks. Being the first time I have taught this unit, I learned just as much as the students.


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